ECOPAB/PFG is a London, UK based company conducting international trade in paper and packaging products across the world. We specialize in two divisions;
Our corporate philosophy aims to achieve two objectives, offering high-quality materials & products and enable long terms strategic partnerships with all stakeholders. All our business decisions are made around these two philosophies that are central to who we are.
Our Paper & Board Materials division is a critical supply chain partner for various packaging manufacturers across Europe and Middle East regions.
Our Packaging Solutions division works closely with partner manufacturers to offer Industrial Packaging and Food & Beverages Packaging solutions to various sectors across our markets.
Our corporate philosophy aims to achieve two objectives, offering high-quality materials & products and enable long terms strategic partnerships with all stakeholders.


“Together, we can create a mutually beneficial long term relationship that serves companies, communities, and our environment”Our success relies on effective partnerships and a deep understanding of customer needs. Pacific Forest Global’s core strategy is to be the best company in the world at moving paper material from the producer to the consumers and managing the market, credit and operational risk associated with that.With an ever-increasing demand for environmentally sustainable packaging solutions and consumer products, investing and focusing on recyclable and biodegradable products is critical for future generations.Customer orientation, with an emphasis on quality and sustainability.Teamwork, cooperation, and commitment, both amongst ourselves, our stakeholders.


Customer OrientedOur first priority is always our customers. We value all our customers and understand their needs. Our goal as a company is to serve our customers above their expectations and to give direction to these expectations.OpennessWe value open relationships and communication based on integrity, co-operation, transparency, and mutual benefit, with our people, our customers, our suppliers, and society in general.Employee SatisfactionIn our company; the motivation of our employees is essential for our high-quality service. We know that motivated employees are the people who give their hearts to their work. Supporting all the facts necessary for the motivation and happiness of our employees are our priority.Continuous LearningInformation is the most important added value of our organization. We know that developing ourselves is critical to ensure our continued success.CooperationWe work as a team to achieve success. We help each other and we enjoy it.
Sustainable Products


Paper is one of the most environmentally friendly industrial materials. As a biodegradable material, paper and paper products help improve the quality of life.


All of ECOPAB/PFG's partner Mills and Manufacturers hold industry-specific certificates. ECOPAB/PFG is a member of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).
Papers for every need


With a wide selection of leading paper mills across the globe, ECOPAB/PFG offers coated & uncoated paper for commercial printing, specialty papers, labels as well as printing and publishing papers.
A global outlook


With the partner Mills & Manufacturers across the globe, ECOPAB/PFG is well-positioned to offer competitive prices in the markets it serves.